Temperature value the controller is set to maintain.

Setpoint adjustment

Allowance for the end user to adjust temperature to comfort without changing setpoint.

Actual setpoint

Temperature value the controller is regulating toward.

Actual setpoint can differ from setpoint due to active neutral zone, active compensation, setpoint adjustment or the other intervening function.

Neutral zone

The neutral zone is a sector around the temperature setpoint where active heating and (or) cooling are disabled.

[default value]

Default values of the Access application variables are presented in [italic text] enclosed in square brackets.

Filter factor

The filter factor is the damping you want the program to work with in order to reduce the influence of potential signal fluctuations on the sensor input. A new value is calculated using the following formula:

New value = old value * filter factor + raw value * (1 - filter factor)


Value to be added to or subtracted (if "-") from the measured signal value to compensate for the known measuring error

Weighted average

Average of the min and the max values