The system operator can define specific periods of operation or non-operation throughout the year. During these defined periods, the settings in the week schedule do not apply. The holiday schedule provides 24 periods.

A holiday period can be any number of consecutive days from 1…365. When the present date falls within a holiday period, the scheduler will use the settings for the weekday.

Setting Holiday periods


Available options & Selection


Holiday periods

Time settings > Schedule > Holiday calendar

Holiday calendar

Off | On

Indication if current date is within holiday period

Number of periods

[0]-> [1]…[24]

Number of holiday periods to configure

Start date

End date

Start and end dates of holiday periods

Holiday 1

[January 01]

[January 01]

Holiday 2

[January 01]

[January 01]

Holiday 24

[January 01]

[January 01]