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Analog output



Output for SEQ-A (Heating)


Output for SEQ-B (Exchanger)


Output for SEQ-C (Cooling)

Recirculation 1

Output for SEQ-D (Recirculation 1)

Recirculation 2

Output for SEQ-E (Recirculation 2)

Fan heating/cooling

Output for SEQ-F (Fan setpoint compensation)

Heating 2

Output for SEQ-G (Heating 2)

Cooling 2

Output for SEQ-H (Cooling 2)

Exchanger extract

Output for SEQ-I (Exchanger extract)

External heating/cooling capacity

Output for SEQ-J (External heating/cooling capacity)

Changeover 1

Output for Changeover 1

Changeover 2

Output for Changeover 2

Supply air fan

Supply air fan output signal

Extract air fan

Extract air fan output signal


Humidifier / De-humidifier output signal

Step controller 1

Output signal used to fill out between the steps

Step controller 2

Extra controller

Output for extra controller capacity

Temperature output

Output for selected temperature scaled to 0-10V


Output for preheater capacity