The default settings for each alarm are tailored in accordance to its severity. However some settings can be adjusted to the need.

Each alarm is defined by the standard editable setting for alarm related action, level, delay time and customizable name.

Default alarm settings


Available options & Selection


Alarm settings

Configuration > Alarms > Category > Alarm


| No action |

| Fast stop |

| Normal stop |

| Low speed |

| Normal speed |

| High speed |

Alarm won't trigger any action

Alarm will trigger immediate stop

Alarm will trigger normal stop sequence

Forced switch to low speed

Forced switch to normal speed

Forced switch to high speed


| Class A |

| Class B |

| Class C |

| Disabled |

Class A - Critical alarm

Class B - Non critical alarm

Class C - Notification

Disabled - The alarm is not used


__ s / __min

0 - The alarm is triggered immediately

30 s - The condition for the alarm have to be present for at least 30s to trigger the alarm.



The unique identifier number (unchangeable)



Customizable name

Original name


The default alarm name (unchangeable)


Explanatory text about alarm (unchangeable)

Some of the alarms are supplemented with additional settings (e.g. settable min/max temperature value, pressure drop - airflow dependency curve, etc.).