The sectional defrosting module DM50-C can be configured either with the S-E3-DSP control panel or by using the Access application.

For proceeding with configuration through Access - connection and modbus control of the DM50-C shall be activated first.

DM50-C configuration example (with 3 section dampers + 1 bypass damper)


Available options & Selection


Configuration of the section defrosting module

Configuration > Functions > Temperature control > Sectional defrosting > DM50-C configuration

Number of section dampers

| 2 section dampers |

| 3 section dampers |

| 4 section dampers |

Bypass compensation during defrosting

[0] %

The setting indicates how much the bypass damper is open during defrost

0% - fully closed

100% - fully open

Defrosting duration per section damper

[13] min

Section under defrosting will remain closed for 13 minutes.

Manual test

| Off | On |

Sequential opening of the section dampers for testing purposes (Select On to start the test)

Test duration per section damper

[90] s

Actual operation mode

Local override \ Standby \ Test mode running \ Defrosting

Local override: possible connection lose to the DM50-C module (check connection settings and status)

Standby: Connection OK, exchanger in normal operation

Test mode running: Manual test has been activated Defrosting: Connection OK, the DM50-C is overriding control of the section and bypass damper

Modbus control status

Local \ Active

Local: DM50-C is not controlled by Access via modbus (check connection settings and status)

Active: connection is functioning properly

Activate Modbus control

| No | Yes |

Activate Modbus control

The Access also indicates the current state of the section defrosting module.

Status of the section defrosting unit DM50-C


Available options & Selection


Status of the DM50-C

Data & Settings > Temperature control > Exchanger > Section defrosting > Bus values DM50-C

Actual operation mode

Standby / Defrosting

Standby: Exchanger in normal operation

Defrosting: DM50-C is overriding the control of the section and bypass damper

Exchanger control signal

__ %

Exchanger control signal from the main controller

0%: Bypass fully open / Sections fully closed

100%: Bypass fully closed / Sections fully open

Output signal bypass damper

__ %

Closing percentage of the bypass damper while defrosting

0%: Bypass fully open

30%: Bypass open by 70% (30% closed)

100%: Bypass fully closed

Output signal section damper 1

0 % ... 100 %

Opening percentage of the section damper:

0%: Section fully closed

30%: Section open by 30% (70% closed)

100%: Section fully open

Output signal section damper 2

0 % ... 100 %

Output signal section damper 3

0 % ... 100 %


Local / Remote via modbus

Local: DM50-C is not controlled by the Access via modbus (check the connection settings and status)

Remote via modbus: connection is functioning properly