The function calculates temperature efficiency of the heat exchanger.

There are two options for calculating the efficiency depending on the installed sensor:

Option 1 (using the Exhaust air temperature sensor):


Option 2 (using the Efficiency temperature sensor):


Minimal exchanger signal (default 5%) and minimal temperature increase (default 2oC) can be used as obligatory conditions for displaying efficiency.


Setup of the exchanger efficiency presentation


Available options & Selection


Activate exchanger efficiency presentation

Configuration > Functions > Temperature control

Efficiency presentation

| Yes | No |

Activate function

Efficiency sensor

| Efficiency temperature exchanger | Exhaust air temperature |

Select option for efficiency calculation

Min output exchanger to show efficiency

[5] %

Efficiency is only displayed if the control signal for the exchanger sequence is higher than 5%

Min delta-T to show efficiency

[2] oC

Difference between

Extract - Exhaust (option 1) or

exchanger Intake - Efficiency (option 2)

 temperature to display efficiency

Configure inputs

Configuration > I/O allocation settings > Analog inputs >

Efficiency temperature exchanger

Any available I/O


View actual efficiency

Data & Settings > Operation overview > Exchanger

Exchanger (SEQ-B)

0..100 %

Indication of exchanger sequence output

Efficiency exchanger

 --- %ƞ

Indication of exchanger efficiency

Graphical representation


18.0 oC - indication of Efficiency temperature

6% - indication of exchanger sequence output

60% - indication of exchanger efficiency