Access supports up to 30 devices connected via communication bus (Modbus and EXOline).

The list of supported devices includes number of Fans and VFDs, Rotary exchanger controllers, Damper actuators, etc.

Some of the connected devices expand total number of controller's inputs and outputs. Access can handle up to 10 of such expansion units (Exp1..Exp10).

Modbus devices

To avoid addressing conflict on the bus - each modbus device must be assigned with unique address.

There must be match of addresses set in the device and in the Access.

The connected device must also hold the same message format and baud rate as is set in the Access.

Configuration examples for Modbus devices:


Pressure transmitters

Rotary exchanger controllers

Damper actuators

Section defrosting module (DM50-C)

EXOline devices

Expansion unit

Room controller