Access can control a single stage dehumidifier. The dehumidification is PID regulated to reduce the relative humidity in the room (or extract air) to the setpoint value. An analog output is used to control a dehumidifier. The output will increase on increasing room (or extract air) humidity. A digital output can also be used to start a dehumidifier.

note: this dehumidification can't be used in combination with humidification - sequence override should be used instead.

Configuration example of the dehumidification (control of a separate dehumidification unit)


Available options & Selection


Activate Humidity control

Configuration > Functions > Function activation

Humidity control

... | Dehumidification |…

Configure function

Configuration > Functions > Humidity control

Humidity control


Indication of what function has been activated

Select sequence for dehumidify

| None | …

Option used in case of sequence override dehumidification

Type of output

| Analog | Step | Analog + Step |

| Analog | - 0..10V signal for capacity

|Step| - relay output for start/stop

PID Settings

Configuration > PID controllers > Dehumidification


[100] %RH

PID settings to describe responsiveness of the dehumidifier


[300] s


[0] s

PID output max limit

[100] %

Max output of the PID can be limited

Hardwired interface

Configuration > I/O allocation settings >

Analog inputs > Humidity room/extract air

Any available I/O

Mandatory - humidity sensor for reference

Digital outputs > Humidity control start

Interface to the dehumidifier

Analog outputs > Humidity control

Operational settings

Data & Settings > Humidity control

Humidity room/extract air

__ %

Actual measured RH

Setpoint humidity room/extract

[50] %RH

Digital output start point

[15] %

DO (Humidity control start) is activated once AO (Humidity control) exceeds 15%

Digital output stop point

[5] %

DO (Humidity control start) is deactivated once AO (Humidity control) falls bellow 5%

Operation overview

Data & Settings > Operation overview > Humidity

Humidity room/extract air

__ %

Overview of the function in action

Setpoint humidity room/extract

[50] %RH

Humidity control

__ %

Humidity control start

Off | On

Humidity control mode

Not active | Dehumidification