The Access allows override control of the selected sequence (usually the cooling sequence) to proceed with dehumidification of the supply air through condensation. Dehumidification overrides the cooling signal from the temperature controller so the output can be activated even if there is no cooling demand.The output will increase on increasing room/extract airhumidity.

note: using cooling for dehumidification will increase the demand for heating the supply air, therefore placement for the re-heater should be considered.

Configuration example of the dehumidification (sequence "SEQ-C Cooling" override)


Available options & Selection


Activate Humidity control

Configuration > Functions > Function activation

Humidity control

... | Dehumidification |…

Configure function

Configuration > Functions > Humidity control

Humidity control


Indication of what function has been activated

Select sequence for dehumidify

... | Cooling |...

Sequence to override for dehumidification

PID Settings

Configuration > PID controllers > Dehumidification


[100] %RH

PID settings for dehumidification signal


[300] s


[0] s

PID output max limit

[100] %

max output of the PID can be limited

Hardwired interface

Configuration > I/O allocation settings > Analog inputs >

Humidity room/extract air

Any available I/O

Mandatory - humidity sensor for reference

Operational settings

Data & Settings > Humidity control

Humidity room/extract air

__ %

Actual measured RH

Setpoint humidity room/extract

[50] %RH

Operation overview

Data & Settings > Operation overview > Humidity

Humidity room/extract air

__ %

Overview of the function in action

Setpoint humidity room/extract

[50] %RH

Humidity control

__ %

Humidity control mode

Not active | Dehumidification

Data & Settings > Operation overview > Cooling

Cooling (SEQ-C)

__ %

Overview of the performance of the sequence

Cooling start (SEQ-C)

Off | On

Cooling pump (SEQ-C)

Off | On