Access has options for using just supply air fan, just extract air fan or both fans in the air handling unit.

Up to three speed levels (Low, Normal, High) with individual setpoints per fan can be configured.

Activation of each level is scheduled in time settings.


Access can handle a number of Modbus communication capable EC fans and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).

Such fans don't require a hardwired connection to the controller and only data bus connection is needed (example).

Up to 16 fans (8 for supply air and 8 for extract air) can be controlled.

Access also supports hardwired EC fans & VFDs if these devices have no Modbus capability.

Hardwired option eliminate possibility to monitor Specific Fan Power (SFP) or power consumption as no energy data is being read.

A set of control signals (start, speed, feedback) is shared for an unlimited number of fans.