Energy insight monitors how much power the water heater is adding to the airflow to heat it up.

The formula for added power calculation:


Heater valve leakage monitors ΔT then output of the heater's sequence is 0% (no need for active heating). The increase of the ΔT by more than 2 oC indicates the leak of the heater valve and triggers alarm AL-187 Leakage heater valve.

Configuration of Energy insight function for logging energy added by the water heater and monitoring for valve leak


Available options & Selection


Activate Energy insight function

Configuration > Functions > Function activation

Energy insight

| Yes | No |

Configuration of the Energy insight function

Configuration > Functions > Energy insight

Energy usage presentation: Heater

| Yes | No |

Heater inlet air temperature

| Efficiency temperature exchanger | Extra sensor 1..5 |

Sensors for measuring temperature of the air in inlet and outlet of the water heater

Heater outlet air temperature

| Supply air temperature | Extra sensor 1..5 |

Heater valve leakage delta-T

[2.0] oC

Alarm AL-187 Leakage heater valve is triggered if the heater is adding more than +2 oC to the passing air then heating is not required (indicating valve leakage)

Operational settings

Data & Settings > Energy insight

Power usage heater

___ kW

Indication of current heater power

Data & Settings > Energy insight > Today and last 7 days: Heater

Used energy: Fans




___ kWh

Daily energy addition during the last 7 days

Today -7 days

___ kWh

Data & Settings > Energy insight > Monthly up to 3 years back: Heater

Used energy: Fans

Year | Year -1 | Year -2 | Unit



___   |    ___    |    ___    | kWh

Energy added per month


___   |    ___    |    ___    | kWh


___   |    ___    |    ___    | MWh

Energy added per year

Data & Settings > Energy insight > Energy meter

Used energy: Heater

___ kWh

Energy added by the heater since the last reset of the meter

Meter started

date & time

Date and time the power meter was last reset

Meter reset

| Yes | No |

Reset power meter by choosing | Yes |