The Fire/Smoke mode can be activated via dedicated digital input or specialized "T1 SMOKE" input.

The CU27/CU40 controller has a connector (T1 SMOKE) designated for use with the smoke detector with enabled service alarm (e.g. Calectro UG-3-O).

The controller measures the current through the smoke detector and, based on the measured value, determines if there is an Error, Alarm, need for Service, or Normal operation.

Use example of T1 Smoke input


Available options & Selection


Configuration of the smoke function

Configuration > Functions > Fire/Smoke

Fire function


Setup of the Fire function

Smoke function


Setup of the Smoke function

Smoke detector function

| Off |

The T1 SMOKE will be used to activate Smoke mode

| Fire alarm |

| Smoke alarm |

Smoke alarm digital input

| No | Yes |

In addition to T1 SMOKE the digital input can also be used to trigger this mode

Status of the smoke alarm

Data & Settings > Fire/Smoke

Smoke detector status

Error / Alarm / Service / Normal

Based on the measured current

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Last reviewed: 01/17/2022

Access version: 4.6-1-01 (3114)