The function allows indication of an alarm, maximum output of the sequence, operation mode or fan level of choice. Once the selected parameter is active, the Digital output is switched on.

The parameter for triggering the auxiliary output can be chosen from:


Sequence at 100%

Unit running mode

Actual fan level

[1] Malfunction supply air fan 1



Supply air fan off



Starting up

Supply air fan low speed



Low speed

Supply air fan normal speed


Recirculation 1

Normal speed

Supply air fan high speed


Recirculation 2

High speed

Extract air fan off


Fan setpoint comp.

Support heating

Extract air fan low speed


Heating 2

Support cooling

Extract air fan normal speed


Cooling 2

Air quality control mode

Extract air fan high speed


Exchanger extract

Free cooling


External H/C capacity

Cool down mode


Fire mode


Smoke mode

Recirculation mode

[240] Sensor error EATR

Defrosting mode

Example of setting auxiliary indication


Available options & Selection


Activating auxiliary indication

Configuration > Functions > Extra indications & outputs

Auxiliary indication 1

... | Sequence at 100% | …

Auxiliary indication 1 becomes active once output of Heating reaches 100%

Selected sequence:

| Heating | …

Auxiliary indication 2

... | Unit running mode | ...

Auxiliary indication 2 becomes active once AHU is in Recirculation mode

Selected operation mode:

… | Recirculation mode | …

Auxiliary indication 3

... | Actual fan level |

Auxiliary indication 3 becomes active once SAF runs at normal fan level

Selected fan level

| Supply air fan normal speed |…

IO allocation

Configuration > I/O allocation settings > Digital outputs

Auxiliary indication 1

Any available I/O

Auxiliary indication 2

Auxiliary indication 3

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Last reviewed: 6/10/2021

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