Setpoint of the supply air temperature follow the extract air temperature with a difference.

Supply air temperature setpoint = extract air temperature + difference.

Settings and configuration for Extract air dependent of supply air control


Available options & Selection


Activate temperature control type

Configuration > Functions > Function activation

Temperature control type

|...| Extract air dependent supply air |


Activate sensors & additional options

Configuration > Functions > Temperature control

Extract air temperature sensor

|Yes | No |


Supply air temperature sensor

|Yes | No |


Configure inputs

Configuration > I/O allocation settings > Analog inputs >

Extract air temperature sensor

Any available I/O

Supply air temperature sensor

Operational settings

Data & Settings > Temperature control > Supply air controller

Supply air temperature

__ oC

Actual supply air temperature

Setpoint delta T extract air - supply air

[-2.0] oC

[default: supply air is set to be colder by 2 degrees than extract air ]

Min limit supply air

[12.0] oC

Limits of the supply air temperature. Temperature off these limits will trigger alarm AL-88 or AL89

Max limit supply air

[30.0] oC

Actual setpoint supply air

__ oC


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