This temperature control mode combines Extract air cascade and Supply air outdoor compensated modes.

Summer/winter mode function is utilized for switching.

In summer - extract air cascade mode is active and extract temperature controller generates the setpoint for the supply air temperature controller.

In winter - supply air outdoor compensated mode is active. Setpoint for supply air temperature is determined by outdoor temperature and dependency curve.

Settings and configuration for Extract air (summer) else supply air control


Available options & Selection


Activate temperature control type

Configuration > Functions > Function activation

Temperature control type

|…| Extract air (summer) else supply air |…|


Activate sensors & additional options

Configuration > Functions > Temperature control

Extract air temperature sensor

|Yes | No |


Supply air temperature sensor

|Yes | No |


Summer/Winter mode

|Yes | No |

Function switches to | Yes | automatically in this control mode

Type of switch summer/winter

| Calendar | Changeover | Digital input | Outdoor temperature |

[Outdoor temperature] is the default option

Configure inputs

Configuration > I/O allocation settings > Analog inputs >

Extract air temperature

Any available I/O

Supply air temperature

PI Settings

Configuration > PID controllers > Extract


[100] oC

PI settings for the extract air controller


[300] s

Operational settings

Data & Settings > Temperature control > Supply air controller

Supply air temperature

__ oC

Actual supply air temperature

Setpoint outdoor curve


Setpoint curve for winter

Neutral zone (C°)

[0.0] oC

Width of neutral zone

Min limit supply air

[12.0] oC

Limits of the supply air temperature. Temperature off these limits will trigger alarm AL-88 or AL89

Max limit supply air

[30.0] oC

Actual setpoint supply air

__ oC


Data & Settings > Temperature control > Extract air controller

Extract air temperature

__ oC

Showing actual extract air temperature

Setpoint adjustment

[0] oC


Setpoint extract air

[20.0] oC

Setpoint for summer

Outdoor temp for switch between summer/winter

[13.0] oC

Summer / winter mode switch settings

Outdoor temp hysteresis for switch between summer/winter

[1.0] oC

Actual setpoint extract air

__ oC


Curve point

Outdoor temperature (C°)

Setpoint supply temperature (C°)

Setpoint outdoor curve

Data & Settings > Temperature control > Supply air controller > Setpoint outdoor curve

Point 1

[-20] oC

[22] oC

Point 2

[5] oC

[20] oC

Point 3

[20] oC

[20] oC

Point 4

[30] oC

[22] oC

Setpoint outdoor curve

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